Brixham Heritage Database Records




Land Conveyancing

.1 J Tarring, S Winsor to W Clarke, W May, S Stephens Lease 1813
.2 M, J, G & N Tyrer to G Fogwill conveyance 1857
.3 JC Martin & W Blake to John Elliot assignment 1857
.4 G Fogwill to John Elliot conveyance 1857


Brixham Ship Owners

Fogwell Geo. jun

New rd


Fogwell Samuel

New rd






Master Mariners


Fogwell Samuel and  Richard Hammish Fore st 1856




Gravestone Inscriptions Brixham St Mary


Katherine Fogwell d31/10/1810 & her parents William d24/12/1824 and Mary d27/12/1851 & their dtr Mary d24/4/1877