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There were Fogwills at Buckfastleigh in the late 16th/early 17th

Century, probably thrown out of the Low Countries due to religious strife there.Wilhelmus married Eliza Gray  there in 1609.


Thomas Fogwill, was evidently important at Buckfastleigh as he was signatory to a document about the 39 Articles of Religion signed by local dignitories in January 1642.


For futher details on the IGI click here, or see below.  (The original Buckfastleigh records are difficult to read in places, and are incomplete on the IGI)


IGI Marriages Batch M050031


Willielmus Fogwell 28 Oct 1609 and Elizabetha Gray

Willielmus Fogwell 19 Nov 1639 and Dorothea Dolbeare

Thomas Fogwill 3 Sep 1694 and Elizabetha Sarel

Thomas Fogwill 19 May 1691 and Maria Hanover

Richard Fogwill 11 Nov 1723 and Joan Hanniford

Elizabeth Fogwill 4 Apr 1727 and Richard Abbutt


IGI Christenings Batch C050031


Jacobus Fogwall 25 Dec 1613 son of Willialmi

Richard Fogwell 29 Jun 1707 son of Richard

Wilhelmus Fogwell 22 Feb 1610 son of Wilhelmi

Maria Fogwell 7 Apr 1616 d of Wilhelmis

Phillippa Fogwell 28 Apr 1619 d of Willialmi

Johannes Fogwell 10 Feb 1621 son of Willielmi

Thomas Fogwell 14 Mar 1623 son of Willielmi

Juditha Fogwell 2 Dec 1627 d of Wilhelmie

Elizabetha Fogwell 19 Jan 1631 d of Wilhelmi

Laurentius Fogwell 7 Apr 1634 son of Wilhelmi

Mary Fogwell 17 Sep 1695 d of Thomas and Elizabeth

Elizabeth Fogwell 24 Jan 1702 d of Thomas

Margaret Fogwell 26 Jul 1713 d of Richard

Elizabeth Fogwell 24 Aug 1724 d of Richard

Catharine Fogwell 1 May 1748 d of William and Catherine

Peter Fogwill 29 Apr 1700 son of Thomas

Richard Rogwill 3 Apr 1727 son of Richard

Richard Fogwill 24 Dec 1732 son of Richard and Joan

Dorothea Fogwol 3 Mar 1640 d of Wilhilmi and Dorothea