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Baptisms 1652-1776


[none found]


Marriages 1652-1800, Banns 1756-1811


1757 Jan 26th Richard Vogwill of this parish widower and Elizabeth White of the same spinster


1758 May 15th witness to the marriage of John Blachford & Joan Crocker

The mark of Mrs. Elizabeth Vogwill


1769 April 5th Richard Vogwel of this parish and Mary Voden sojourner of this parish


1773 May 12th John Henwood of this parish batchelor and Mary Vogwell widow of the same parish




Burials 1652-1776


1756 April 5th Susanna the wife of Richard Vogwill was buried

1767 April 17th/27th?Elizabeth ye wife of Richard Vogwill buried smalpox

1771 June 12th Richard Vogwill was buried