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Baptism 20 Aug 1721 at Harberton, Devon.  John Vogwill, son of John, of Berry Pomeroy.


Burial 8 April 1724 at Harberton, Devon. Edward Vogwill.





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Baptisms 1744-1838


1820      Jan 23rd   William son of Nicholas & Jane Fogwell, labourer of Harberton

1822      July 28th  Jane dau of Nicholas and Jane Fogwell, labourer of East Leigh, Harberton

1826      Jan 26th   George son of Nicholas & Jane Fogwell, labourer, Harberton

1828      July 6th         Mary Ann dau of Nicholas & Jane Fogwell, labourer, East Leigh, Harberton

1837      Sept 17th Charlotte dau of Richard & Eliza Fogwell of Harberton – Ford, labourer



Marriages 1754-1777, 1813-1838

[Also checked banns 1754-1803, 1808-1817]


1832 [missed dates]      Robert Fogwell & Margaret Eden

                  witnesses Nicholas Fogwill & Eliza Buckpitt

1836                  Richard Fogwill & Eliza Browne


Burials 1709-1858


1724      April 8th  Edward Vogwill

1853      May 8th   Nicholas Fogwell, East Leigh, aged 77

1858      Mar 24th  Jane Fogwell, Lee, aged 76