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Piece details for E 326/3622


Ancient Deeds 1148-1560




Acquittance by Robert, the abbot of the exempt monastery of Holy Cross, Waltham, and perpetual commendatory of the priory of St. Bartholomew, Westmeythfyld, London, to John Howzhton, prior of the Charterhouse near London for 100s. being the half year's rent due at Michaelmas last, for lands in Fogwell and by Longlane: [Middx.




The morrow of Michalemas, 24 Henry VIII.

















Piece C/9/3/188 Vogwell v Cole 1649


Piece C/10/495/24 Battishell v Vogwell Hatherly Devon 1679


Piece C9/2/238b Vogwill v Furlong & Cole 1649


Sections of all these can be ordered online and can give details of name, rank in life, occupation, place of residence. These 3 pieces may be disputes over land etc.

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