Must See – Standard Sites


National Curriculum online

An excellent government site for giving full details of the National Curriculum plus links to schemes of work, websites and resources. Well worth a visit.

Virtual Teacher Centre - Home


QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority)

Another excellent site (government) producing useful documents on how to teach and assess the curriculum. Very useful for teachers.

Department for Education and Skills

Yet another government site. Contains schemes of work for each of the NC subjects. It also contains excellent sites on literacy and numeracy which provide information on the frameworks, professional development and publications/resources

BBC Schools

An excellent site for teachers/parents and children. The schools homepage provides links to Cbeebies (my son loves this) as well as interactive activities for children in line with NC objectives.  Easy to navigate.

National Grid for Learning

I personally found this site a little long winded to navigate, still the idea is an excellent one, ie as a portal for educational learning on the web.


The General Teaching Council


Needs no introduction. I’ve always found inspectors to be sincerely concerned with giving the children the best education we can provide. Surely we are all on the same side – teachers most definitely want that too.