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The Thompson Vogwell Family Tree

 Genealogy is an ongoing project for me, it is never finished and there may

well be mistakes and oversights, as well as plenty of gaps to fill, to put the

flesh on the bones of family ancestors.

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(Most up-to-date evidence suggests that the above tree ties in to

the Newton Abbott and Wolborough Branch (see below)  - our earliest Fogwell is John Fogwell born 1790

 son of John Fogwell and Johanna Shepcote)


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Family Photographs –     Vogwell,    Thompson,    Cooper,    Thomas, 

What follows are some of the resources I have used, with many more to find.

Family Knowledge

Census Returns

Parish Records

Civil Registration Index

The Internet



Soc of Gen

National Burial Index

Access to Archives




  I have also taken a particular interest in some of the more unusual (and therefore easier to track) names occurring within the family.  The Hornagold Line and the Vogwell Line being two such examples.

Because of the wealth of information on these lines that has been gathered they merit their own sites.  Here are the links


The Fogwell, Fogwill, Vogwell, Vogwill Families of Devon

(This site will be updated regularly)


The Hornagold Family of Norfolk

(Project in development)


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