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Interests and thoughts.


v     Watercolour painting.  One of my favourite hobbies….

v     Religion and Life after Life  

v     Genealogy.  Another rewarding hobby..

v     Poetry. Something my dad left behind…

v     Education   Thoughts, ideas and links to some great education sites…

v     Unconventional Ideas. Some breathtakingly good viewpoints from a good friend    

v     Joshua’s Page   This page was developed to keep up with our sons interest in the great world we live in……

v     Child Development    Lots of links to theorists, ideas, etc

v     Pestalozzi  and Education.  I am neither a behaviourist or nativist, but this man had some good ideas!

v     Maslow’s Triangle   Had a good philosophy on life……………

v     National Association of Gifted Children UK 

v     Creativity In Education  - Homepage

v     Sightseeing in the UK.  Great site, just type in destination, and radius and it will do the rest for you!

v     The Geocache Phenomenon!!  Find out what it is all about!!