Educating our children What Choices do we have?


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The more financial resources we can call upon as parents, the more choice we have over the education of our children. Children can be sent to independent day or boarding schools and/or to schools that offer a specialised curriculum based on particular curriculum strength. Another option is a religious school, which offers a secular curriculum along with a religious one to tie in with the particular religion of choice. We can also choose to send them to one of the many brilliant state schools, paid for through the taxes that we as parents pay. (So, not free) Another option, which is less common, and less well known, is that of home schooling. This option is being increasingly taken up in places like the U.S.A. and has always been made use of in more isolated communities, and amongst child celebrities. My best friend is successfully home schooling both her children, and has some brilliant perspectives, and a wealth of experience of some of the issues. (Link Here) Other choices, include educating a child at a school, which has a particular philosophy on education such as Montessori or Steiner Waldorf, another approach is that of Flexi-Schooling. Here are some web links that give more information on the above options.


Independent Schools



State Schools

Advisory Centre for Education (ACE)






Alternative Schools


Specialist Schools






Education Otherwise UK


Steiner Waldorf


Human Scale Education