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Links marked with an asterisk, are my own personal views, but they do contain a number of useful links to articles, other opinions, and web sites.


Quote: Any educational institution is only as good as the teachers who work within it. (local parent)


Click here for Must See Standard UK Primary Education Sites


General  education links

Useful sites for parents, teachers and children arranged by subject

Education for Life


Teacher I’m bored – A child’s perspective!


The Role of Formal Learning in the early years *

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+For latest press releases

+Click here to see full ofsted report on international comparison of 6 year olds

+Click here for the Nov 02 Research on ‘School starting age’ (and achievement), by Caroline Sharp, an excellent overview of current evidence.

+Excellent page from NLT giving all latest articles/research

Class Size. Does it really matter?  *


Harvey Goldstein’s Homepage (Commentaries on Current issues in Education from IOE)

University of London


Joshua’s Page

Phonic teaching works!   *

League Tables and the many issues that surround them!*


The Internet and being a life-long learner.  *


How should my child be educated?